In a world of suspect information, we deliver reliable, reproducible results

Market communities are the solution for on-demand and ongoing access to relevant North American and UK audience segments. Made up of deeply engaged, known respondents, our online market communities offer high quality, highly scalable samples.

We are trusted advisors. We come to the table armed with expert knowledge of the panel and data services market, and combine this expertise with superior quality information backed by innovative technology. Our research capabilities are deeply rooted in our proprietary Maru/HUB platform, which powers our research worldwide. HUB allows multiple data streams to be integrated into a single ecosystem, facilitating the real-time analysis of behavioral, transactional and attitudinal information to deliver insights at speed.


We’re obsessed with sample quality

Our market communities are made up of deeply engaged, well-curated respondents who provide intelligence on an as-needed basis. Quality responses produce actionable insights you can count on, enabling you to make intelligently informed decisions.

We profile our panelists on a huge array of demographic, consumer, and social variables – about 3,000 in total. This allows us to pin-point very specific target groups, to help clients gain a deeper understanding of the audiences most relevant to their research needs. As our community members are the “source” of data that drives your business decisions, maintaining a quality community is paramount. We have an expert in-house team dedicated to maintaining a positive relationship with our community members, as well as continually enhancing our rich profiles.


Our online communities 


Market communities worldwide

Our reach spans the globe, delivering the best respondents available, and the support to ensure you get the most from your data.


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