Maru/Blue Announces Launch of Agile Self-Serve

Uncover insights faster than ever, with respondents at your fingertips


Toronto, Ontario – (August 27, 2018) – Today, Maru/Blue—premium quality data services firm—announces the launch of Agile Self-Serve, a DIY, real-time survey solution. The DIY tool provides thousands of completes within hours across Canada, the U.S. or the U.K. It delivers easy out of the box programming, programmatic sampling, instant deployment and automated reporting with longitudinal tracking.

The speed at which businesses must make informed decisions is getting faster and faster. “Agile Self-Serve is a game changer because it allows our clients to get the answers they need within hours,” says Rob Berger, Managing Director for Maru/Blue.

Agile Self-Serve offers an intuitive reporting dashboard, video and photo content upload capabilities, and clients can target respondents by region, gender or age. Accounts are free with no subscription required and sample is charged on a project by project basis.

“This Maru/Blue offer is yet another example of our commitment to the best in technology-driven insights, delivered at speed,” says Maru Group CEO Ged Parton.

Sal Rustom was hired by Maru/Blue to focus on the new and innovative platform in the role of Manager of Strategy & Development. To schedule a demo, contact Sal at


About Maru/Blue

Maru/Blue is a premium quality data services firm that provides reliable global data connections for brands, agencies, and market research. We create value for our clients by connecting them with expertly profiled known respondents. The result? Reliable, reproducible insights. We deliver instant access to the general population, specific markets, and your or your competitor’s customers.

We began disrupting the market community industry in 2000. Our market communities broke new ground, adding depth and richness to clients’ understanding of what motivates their customers and shapes their markets. Now, as part of the Maru Group, we continue to provide reliable global data connections for agencies, brands, and market research firms.

Springboard America, and Maru Voice Canada, established more than a decade ago, are a testament to our commitment and depth of engagement. More recently we developed the Maru Voice Business Canada and Springboard America Business Forum, both an excellent source for business to business research. Maru/Blue also recently announced the launch of its exclusive Qualitative Community. Members of this community have been invited to join after they have been determined to be very articulate, engaged, and actively interested in participating in qualitative research exercises.



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