We Are Maru/Blue: 5 Declarations


By Rob Berger, Managing Director

Blue evokes the limitless possibilities of the open sky, the depths of the ocean, and the purity of a blue flame. This suits our sample and data services offer perfectly because Maru/Blue make it easy to connect with an almost limitless number of deeply profiled community members, whose consistency and quality is proven.  

At Maru/Blue:

We channel the voice of the people

Our communities are representative of everyone. That’s why we’re the #1 online pollster in Nate Silver’s 538 pollster ratings. We reflect reality. No bias. No skew. Just the voice of the people—all the people.

Our communities are carefully constructed to match the profile of the population. We recruit our members from a myriad of sources, to ensure that it is not a source of bias—an important problem we chronicle in our whitepaper Wine, Cheese, Scotch and Sample: Know the Source.

We believe in community

People are part of our communities because they have a perspective, and they want it known. Our people don’t voice their opinion just so they can “earn survey dollars,” or get access to a cat video. They join to make their voice heard.

Why people answer your questions can make a tremendous difference to the quality of their answers. When you treat people like a commodity, they respond by giving you bad data. When you treat people like a community, they respond by giving thoughtful answers. You can read about that in The High Cost of Cheap Sample.   

We know our members

The people we give you access to are deeply profiled with almost 12 years of longitudinal data. That way we deliver the right surveys, to the right people, at the right time.

This makes a tremendous difference because it results in a better respondent experience. People don’t arrive at your survey frustrated after being asked their age, gender, race, and other questions, only to find they don’t qualify for the study. They are then redirected to another survey, only to be asked the same screening questions again, and again, and again.

The data shows that, in a routed environment, 9 in 10 people disqualify for each survey. Who would you rather have answer your survey? A person who has been disqualified many times, before they even start your survey? Or a person who is invited to a survey on a topic that is relevant to them, because they were targeted based on information we knew?   

We are excited about being boringly reliable

We have an unwavering focus on quality and reliability. We are relentless in our testing for consistency and representativeness. And we prove it.

Check it out in (Still) Boringly Reliable: Evidence of the Consistency of Maru/Blue Market Community Sample.

We move at the speed of business

You need to decide now, and we deliver. We get it. That’s why you can ask a question today and get the answer tomorrow.

We provide overnight 24-hour Omnibus services, full-serve research for agencies, assisted-serve research services for agencies and brands, field and tabulation, and sample access to meet your rapid research needs. And our agile self-serve tool provides thousands of completes within hours across Canada, U.S. and UK, using 3rd party sample sources. The tool provides easy programming, programmatic sampling, instant deployment and automated reporting with longitudinal tracking.

Got a need for speed? We have a solution.

To learn more contact us, or visit our resources page.