Maru Springboard America Is The #1 Online Quality Sample Source, According To Nate Silver


By Rob Berger, Managing Director

At Maru/Blue we take great pride in the quality of our market communities. We go to great lengths to ensure they are of the highest quality. We know they are representative and reliable, but it’s great when a respected researcher’s analysis proves it, again.

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight website aggregates election polls and makes predictions based on those aggregations. As part of their process, they weight the polls based on their accuracy. Their assessment is based on an analysis over 8,500 polls from the final 21 days of gubernatorial and congressional elections since 1998, and presidential primaries and general elections since 2000.

The polls run on Maru Springboard America had the highest “Elections Correctly Called” and the lowest “Difference from Actual” among those online sources that had covered ten or more elections. We were also #1 in both categories in the last analysis FiveThirtyEight published, in 2016. This accuracy is consistent with our own ongoing analysis of how boringly reliable our market communities are.

Some people think of sample as a commodity, but we think of them as people, who want to contribute to society by making their voice heard. My colleague Andrew Grenville of Maru/Matchbox and I will be speaking about the research we have done on the importance of a positive respondent experience at an upcoming Marketing Research and Intelligence Association conference. Our research shows, and Silver’s rating confirms, that when you treat people well, you get more accurate results. We have demonstrated that when you treat people badly you get bad information, which leads to wrong decisions. Our research has also shown that how you source people can have a profound effect on data quality.

We would like to thank the people who are part of the Maru Springboard America and Maru Voice Canada communities for taking time to share with us their thoughts, feelings and intentions. It is because of their honest feedback that we are the #1 most accurate online community in the U.S.!

All the surveys analyzed by FIveThirtyEight were conducted on Maru Springboard America by an organization listed on their site as Angus Reid Global, but which now operates as the Angus Reid Institute, a non-profit foundation.